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The Freedom Programme

The Intensive Family Support Team (Stevenage & North Herts) have been facilitating The Freedom Programme since 2018.

During this time we have successfully completed 4 programmes and have supported many female Domestic Violence survivors, within a course setting or on a 1:1 basis.

Recently we have had to adapt our work and practise to include virtual sessions and as we like to be as interactive as possible within our groups, we asked the woman to be creative and describe their perfect partner.

The below poem was created by one of the woman attending our group and she has kindly agreed to share this with you.

A message to new boyfriend

The height of my walls is a reflection of my past,

I don’t need rescuing.

Your time, patience and understanding of my ways will see the walls reduce in height,

I don’t need rescuing.

I am finally me. Don’t try and change me or mould me to who you want me to be,

I don’t need rescuing.

 I am happy with the person I have become; I don’t need you to complete me. I am an imperfect perfect.

I don’t need rescuing.

 You can love me but don’t try and control me. You can grow with me but don’t stifle me,

I don’t need rescuing.


Families First - Performance Data Report

You may be interested to view our Families First Performance Data report for the period June 2019-July 2020.

The report looks at Families First Assessments that took place within the period and highlights the presenting needs and outcomes broken down by district along with data from short term pieces of work with families.

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