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North Herts & Stevenage

Update from North Herts/Stevenage early help services:-

Services for Young People 

We would like to announce that the Services for Young People (SfYP) ‘Norton Common Street Project’ is now being delivered from a venue.

Renamed ‘Letchworth Monday Night Project’ and still aimed at young people aged 13 – 16 (focusing on Positive Futures), the project is now being delivered at:

The Icknield Centre
Icknield Way
Letchworth Garden City

On Monday nights (term time) from 6:30pm – 8:30pm.

You can view the details of the Services for Young People projects, services and opportunities for young people, for the summer term 2022 below:-

SfYP - North Herts - district leaflet

SfYP - North Herts - summer programme 2022

SfYP - Stevenage - district leaflet

SfYP - Stevenage - summer programme 2022

To make a referral or for more information on our projects, services and opportunities, please visit the Services for Young People website.

No More Service Youth

The No More Service Youth offers complex needs support to individuals to tackle issues which negatively impact on their daily life. The Service comprises of 2 key support areas;
1. Youth Offenders support - Offering intensive support to prolific offenders and those associated with gang, knife crime, antisocial behaviour and county lines.
2. Drug and Alcohol support – offering intensive support to clients, assisting with substance misuse, offending, education and housing. This includes support from exploitation surrounding county lines

Supporting Links

Supporting Links are delighted to be offering a face to face Talking Additional Needs course in North Herts in June. It has been a long time since we met with parents in person and we cant wait!

We understand that some parents may not be ready to meet in person or may prefer an online course. However, for many, this is the best or only way that they can access this kind of support, and we really need your help to reach them. A referral form is also attached. 

Mind in Mid Herts

Sopwell Peer Support (view poster)

This programme is part of Sopwell Wellbeing, a local initiative to help residents affected by the pandemic.  We are offering a range of services to provide emotional, social and practical community- based support to strengthen wellbeing.

Please click on the link below to find out more or email training@mindinmidherts.org.uk:


Walk and Talk groups (view poster)

Walking and being with nature holds many benefits for your mental health.  Evidence shows that regular exercise helps improve your mood, get a better night’s sleep, reduces stress and anxiety, increases your energy, improves your confidence and self-esteem.  Why not join our FREE Walk & Talk groups in St Albans (Mondays 1-2pm), Welwyn Garden City (Mondays 11am) and Baldock (Thursdays at 10.30am).

Happy Hour – Online talking group (view poster)

Happy memories; bring with you; pictures, items and memories from any time in your life, and tell us a story about it! Sing songs: Bring a song that has a positive memories or your favourite song and why, feel free to sing along.  Talk about people or animals you have encountered in your life that have influenced how you think, feel and are. You can bring pictures along to help share your story. Every Thursday at 2pm.  For more information contact tara.johnson@mindinmidherts.org.uk

LGBTQ plus group (View poster) – restarted after the pandemic

If you are part of the LGBTQ plus community in Hertfordshire and would like support with your #Wellbeing or are looking to connect with others, you can join our LGBTQ plus peer support group last Tuesday of every month 4-6pm in Stevenage.  Email admin@mindinmidherts.org.uk for more information.


Offer support for people with Drugs & Alcohol issues. 4 hubs – Stevenage & North Herts, Watford, Hatfield and Hertford.  Also have co-located teams that work across the county e.g. Young People’s team, Hidden Harm (young people effected by parental substance misuse), Criminal Justice team (working in prisons), Family Safeguarding team.  Back to face-to-face working with clients via groups and one-to-ones in the Hub.  For referrals Click here>

The For Baby’s Sake Trust

Trauma Insight Training will be rolled out from Monday 6th December.  Two sessions will take place every month via the Safeguarding Children Partnership (lunch & learn events), this is supported by funding from the Police and Crime Commissioner to the Home Office domestic abuse perpetrator fund.  Funding has also been used to sustain and extend For Baby’s Sake services across Hertfordshire.

The Citizens Advice

The Stevenage Citizens Advice recently shared some data for Stevenage at the Families First Partnership Group and this presentation can be viewed here.

Please submit any updates to familiesfirst.support@hertfordshire.gov.uk

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